Dana Lewis - Founder of Proper Table Co
The idea is as simple as the product.

Make the ordinary meal, well a bit less so. Extraordinary--like the people you gather around your table. But not fussy, and no worry please, because who loves a bother? We think precious is for people, not placemats.  

But we do love special things, happy things and the feeling you get when you're amidst them. But beautiful doesn’t need to be fussy or formal or lots of work. The Proper Table vibe is effortless, carefree, simple.

We curated a collection of our favorite fabrics, fresh, fun, and classic. Textures and colors that speak to a mood more than to a particular style. We print the fabrics onto acrylic at the very highest resolution, so they look like the fabrics we all love, but can be simply rinsed clean.

Proper Table placemats, coasters, and napkins love to dress up for swanky soirées & holidays or keep it simple for weeknight family dinners. They are the ultimate dinner companions, great with kids (we love spills), and equally fabulous with discerning sophisticates.

What inspired me most when designing our launch collection was creating happy experiences. Sitting down at a beautifully set table with people I love is the ultimate for me. I hope Proper Table placemats bring joy and celebration to your table too.


Dana Lewis, Founder